was formed out of the desire to build a better and simpler sales management system. As we like to say, is “sales software, designed by sales people”. Through our sister company, we spent 3 years developing from a salesperson’s perspective, not from a software developers point of view.

With more than 50-years of sales & telemarketing experience, we built one of the most cost effective sales management platforms in the industry. Our sales team worked side by side with our software developers to design an easy to use CRM, a convenient lead prospecting tool, and an efficient contact management module for any sales or marketing team. Added to our software are proven sales and telemarketing techniques for better efficiency and reduced downtime for your business.

Prospecting for new business hasn’t changed much over the years, but the technology behind it has. Every business owner looks for the “Holy Grail” of lead lists, you know the “Good Leads”. Those lists are nearly impossible to find, if they exist at all. The best prospecting lists are a combination of reliable data providers and good lead management. Good databases need to be managed and updated continuously and prospecting data needs to be reassigned when reps move on to a new position or another job. Even bad a salesperson has sales prospects in the pipeline. will help you make sure they don’t go to waste because the best sales prospects might be right under your nose.

There’s no reason to pay a high monthly seat licenses for complicated features your sales team will never use. Build your own CRM platform using your data or ours. has an affordable pricing option that will fit any budget. Let us help you manage your database.

Try hassle free with no commitment or long-term contract. Simply pay as you go.

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Adam Berman

Adam Berman